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How are residencies?

Residencies are one of Graner’s essential resources, a creation space open 24 hours, 365 days a year. Artists in residency access Graner through open calls and through cooperation between institutions. Residencies are limited in time, which ensures the regular renewal of the artistic community living in the space. We see artists as researchers, as people who arrive at Graner to pose questions and examine work hypotheses rather than to validate their points; as people who come to this place to share their discourse and knowledge. Experimentation and doubt are frail and unstable terrains that require active listening; only true listening can produce a space of freedom, a necessary condition for any kind of creation.

Each creation process is unique and each artist has different and specific needs. Thus, each residency has to create a particular framework to host the process, one that meets all the requirements of the project under development. Thus, the different implied agents have to really collaborate, have to see themselves as co-conspirators in the same effort. Of course, each of them has to accomplish different tasks, but all of them are necessary and complementary. We think that the word that makes us feel more confortable is INHABITANTS: we are legitimate inhabitants of creation spaces and residencies that give sense, meaning to genuine, always changing and tied to the present reality, contents.

Artists can access Graner’s residencies through open calls. Submissions are evaluated by an external, independent board, which studies the proposals along with Graner’s management team. Besides, creation factories have the freedom to establish different access mechanisms that favour and help build networks that multiply the value chain of the creation process (research + creation + production + exhibition + distribution). Thus, Graner’s inhabitants come for different reasons and from different contexts.

  • Open calls: international calls for submissions open once or twice a year; selection committees choose the creators that will develop their projects at Graner.
  • In association with Mercat de les Flors: creators collaborating with Mercat de les Flors also take part in Graner in residency (joint productions, collaborations)
  • Synergies: these residencies are the outcome of collaborations with other spaces, collectives, organisations and national and international programmes.