Education and local projects

Education and training projects have doubtlessly conferred a special identity to el Mercat de les Flors. El Graner’s management by the Mercat’s consortium has opened up new possibilities for developing these public programs. El Graner works throughout the year, on a permanent basis, with schools, families, the local community and intergenerational projects, which conform our social and educational action. Regarding schools, we work in projects that reach out to every education level, from kindergartens to secondary schools. There is a specific project for each age range, which attends to their needs and involves artists, teachers and students.

From its inception, el Graner has worked closely with the kindergartens of its neighborhood (La Marina – Zona Franca), listening to their needs and demands, and has created a pilot project that includes: Training for teachers, tailor-made advice for each school and accompaniment to shows that are specially conceived for this age range. The project for primary schools is linked to the “Dan Dan Dansa” series by el Mercat de les Flors, which aims at introducing dance and creative processes in the classes. The project for secondary schools is “In Residence”, which links a school with a well-known artist. Finally, el Graner takes part in the community dance project “Barris en Dansa”, directed by Iliacan Company and developed in several neighborhoods around the city. Families can take part in the art stays, two yearly stays addressed to children and families with the participation of professional dancers, and the intergenerational workshops, with a permanent monthly program. We also want to offer pedagogical resources produced by specialists, which supplement the knowledge on the links between dance and movement with children.

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