At el Graner we want to have a real impact on the different educational stages of children, that is why we take part in existing projects and coordinate new ones, conceived specifically for each child’s age, assisted by the teachers and schools that use the program.

The project “Escola Bressol” (kindergarten) is a project proposed by el Mercat de les Flors and el Graner, hosted and co-organized by the Education Institute of Barcelona (IMEB). It focuses on training and deals with all the elements of education at kindergartens: Teachers, children and their families. These are the project’s objectives:

1.    Finding and taking advantage of all the potential for movement of the body, considering all the stages of child development.
2.    Learning and taking from dance and movement for growing up and socializing.
3.    Enjoying the freedom of movement.
4.    Discovering new methodologies and resources to introduce dance, movement and art in the school.
5.    Learning to be a sensitive spectator to performing arts.

The kindergarten project is a threefold experience: A training course for kindergarten teachers (“Dance as a tool to promote the freedom of movement in children”); attendance to a performance as active spectators (taking part in the festival “El més petit de tots” – “The smallest of all” at el Mercat de les Flors and/or at el Graner); and advice and training for each school, with tailor-made class activities.

The project “Artists in Residence at Barcelona’s Secondary Schools” is a program run by Barcelona’s Culture Institute and Education Consortium, developed with the cooperation of the association A Bao A Qu. “In Residence” integrates contemporary creation in Barcelona’s public secondary schools, through direct and constant contact of the students with an artist. It is currently running its fourth edition, the first one open to performing arts, theater and dance.
“In Residence” invites an artist to produce and share a play in collaboration with students, with the professional commitment of the artist to “sign” the play, to consider it as part of his or her creative output. The artist must transmit everything involved in the creation of an artwork and include the students throughout the process. A good starting point for the dialogue is his or her own work as the beginning of possible new works. The school’s cooperation is needed in order to achieve successful results: They must understand it is a transversal work where several subjects are involved, and choose a teacher-tutor that will lead the group. The artist visits the school two hours a week and the transversal work is a mixture of the contributions by the artist, the students and the teacher. The leading idea is to provoke an “artistic pollution” among them.

Type of call for entries: By invitation
Period: Yearly
Selection: Mixed evaluation commission el Graner, Més Petit de Tots festival and Mercat de les Flors.

Type of call for entries: Linked to coproductions with el Mercat de les Flors
Period: Season program
Selection: Mixed evaluation commission el Graner and Mercat de les Flors

Type of call for entries: By invitation
Period: Yearly
Selection: Mixed evaluation commission el Graner and ICUB