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SYMPTOM AND REPETITION: An investigation with the users of Casa Jove de La Marina by Roger Bernat

“Psychology uses theater to heal people and theater uses psychology to heal societies. The challenge of this research, however, has been to find out what specific theater techniques might be useful in psychotherapy. Or, in other words, how theater, using theater tools, could heal people.” (Roger Bernat).

Lygia Clark, her “Bichos” and her desire to turn objects or artistic mechanics into methods of care is one of the creators that appear in the memoir-report “Symptom and repetition” by Roger Bernat, fruit of the work it has carried out with the users of the Casa Jove de La Marina – Fundació Sanitària Sant Pere Claver at Graner during 19-20 school year, with the support of Pla de Barris.

We highly recommend reading the report, an approach to repetition as a theatrical and pedagogical technique practice.