PAS A DOS with the school Bàrkeno

We formed Tandem with the Bàrkeno School of the Marina district in Barcelona, a project promoted by the Catalunya-La Pedrera Foundation, accompanied by the Consorci d’Educació de Barcelona and coordinated by the pedagogical team of Mercat de les Flors / Graner.

A project based in artistic-pedagogical practices which opens transforming processes.  We have drawn our Tandem project focusing on three points:

- The education, permanent and personalized to the entire faculty, which has given them resources and methodologies to openly teach the basic concepts of dance to the children of the school.

- Teaching dance within the teaching time as one more subject to understand, discover and construct a transversal work to all the other subjects that establishes the curriculum of Primary Education.

- And the participation in the classroom of the board of choreographers, Àngels Margarit and Claudi Bombardó, who has contributed and increased knowledge of the language of dance from the professional point of view of the choreographer.

From this close relationship arises an artistic and creative process that involves all the Bàrkeno community: teachers, students, parents, family, Consorci d’Educació, Fundació Catalunya-La Pedrera, Graner and Mercat de les Flors. 

In the Tandem Schools, an educational project that focuses on a specialization in an area that forms the backbone of the school curriculum is concretized. The specialization is achieved through the partnership of educational centers with institutions of reference, with the advice, monitoring and funding of the CatalunyaCaixa Foundation and the collaboration of the Department of Education.

This specialization can vary according to the institution of reference that is part of the tandem (music, science, mathematics, English, audiovisual, etc.) and does not entail obviating the basic competences that every student must acquire. On the contrary, specialization wants to be a key element in enhancing these core competencies.

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