We consider important not to focus only on practice, that is why we also encourage research and thought production around the movement and body language. We play an active role in new support and visibility programs for the creation and promotion of the artistic production by our residents and create a 2.0 communication strategy addressed at Barcelona’s society and the international community, aiming at generating knowledge and new followers of the performing arts, where the focus lays on placing the artist and his or her creative process in the spotlight, recognizing and making them visible.

In order to accomplish these goals, we establish links with several platforms for thought and reflection, such as Continuum Live Arts or the collective project Transversales i Glosario (divulgació of theoretical contents on contemporary creation and reflection on basic concepts of current art practice), or Iberescena, and we commission theoretical or journalistic articles that add content to the creative processes of our residents or related to the movement and body language.

El Graner also runs a task of divulgació of contemporary creation, starting with the processes of our artists-in-residence and expanding it from a more theoretical or documentary/documentarian point of view. That is why we keep collaborating with the Barcelona Library Network through the creation of a bibliographic collection specialized in movement arts and contemporary art in general, located at the Francesc Candel Library in the La Marina – Zona Franca neighborhood.

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