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Let lichens grow on the walls - 2021 Open call residencies on september

From Graner we are wondering which relational, artistic, educational and cultural management practices are typical of a contemporary vision of Live Art. We are convinced that artistic creation is transformative and that is why we want to continue working to connect the living arts with society, so that it is more sustainable, participatory and diverse. As a center of public creation, we must strive to understand the present, desire possible futures, and move in the face of uncertainty. We continue to look for new ways of working from public management by creating spaces of trust, promoting long-term relationships and practicing plural and participatory governance. We want to expand Graner, expand its morphologies and accompany the living arts in all their transformative potential.

For all these reasons, we would like to tell you that we are already working on the 2021 call for residencies and that we will publish it in September. Stay tuned to social media and to our website.

Lichens are not organisms but a group of organic bodies that escape the binary structure. In addition, it is a rhizoid that grows horizontally, covering the organic surfaces without damaging them and presenting a multitude of possible morphologies.