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Territory (s), Community (ies) and Artistic Practices

Territory (s), Community (ies) and Artistic Practices aims to articulate a research project shared between three creative factories – Ateneu Popular 9Barris, Central del Circ and Graner – around artistic creation with the communities and in the territory. A project that wants to rethink the idea of ​​territory as a common place and move through new relational contexts from the cultural practice understood beyond the consumer good. With this project -which is planned to be developed over 3 years- we assume the need to reflect collectively on what kind of culture we generate in the neighborhoods of Trinitat Nova, El Besós and La Marina respectively.

"Territory (s), community (ies) and artistic practices"

The Territories (s), Community (s) and Artistic Practices Conferences were held on 16, 17 and 18 October 2020, an itinerant proposal between La Central del Circ, L’Ateneu Popular 9 Barris and Graner to reflect on community artistic creation from the circus arts, dance, movement and the living arts. This proposal was born from the shared need of the three Creation Factories to situate the knowledge and practice on this type of creations, and from the will to do it jointly, in collaboration, and challenging people (artists or not) that they wanted to be part of the reflection. The Conference at the Biennial of Thought, then, became the first meeting point between the 3 Factories, three facilities founded at different times and territories, where different arts are developed and which also maintain different links with their contexts.

At the Graner, more specifically, we started with the following questions: how to move from participation in an art project to collaboration between communities? How to rethink the idea of ​​territory in a choral way so that it becomes a commonplace? How to work with artistic bodies to generate relational contexts of cultural experience and practice? How to move from social return to social impact? Where does the need for a creative factory come from to drive collective action with and for the community?

  • Behind the Mountain” is the stage piece based on the work “On all fours” by the collective nyamnyam, based on a work with the neighborhood of La Marina. With Imma Solé from the Institut Montjuïc and several families from the neighborhood, the nyamnyam have traveled the neighborhood, and also accompanied by Dianelis Diéguez, Pedro Pineda, Salva Sanchís and Anna Rovira have created this stage device: a space of action of free circulation between the public and creators, which investigates the appearance of everyday life in the scenic event.
  • Live arts” table with nyamnyam and Imma Solé: Based on a concept that alludes to the processes within and between communities, it is not a table but a workbench. From the device presented in the piece ‘Behind the Mountain’, a dialogue will be opened and it will be shared in a practical way how the ‘live arts’ are a space for action and reflection.
  • Expanded scene” table with Dianelis Diéguez, Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou: The table will start from the need to bring the most experimental and genuine practices to conventional spaces. That the notion of an expanded scene is to put things that are not at the center. And to do that, a new glossary will be developed that redefines all of these issues.
  • Table “relational practices” with Roger Bernat: Understanding the territory as that space built socially and crossed by the community gaze, will address different working methodologies that are activated. Practices that transversalize, that are situated between the corporal practices and the collective dynamics.