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Open Bazaar #5: DasArts Feedback Method

Hybrid, cross-disciplinary artistic practices are often hard to be defined and their product to be discussed. DAS Theatre is an educational institution that brings these artistic practices in the foreground of today’s art discourse. With this aim, the programme has implemented daring pedagogical strategies, like the renowned DasArts Feedback Method. In 2011, together with the philosopher Karim Benammar, DAS Theatre first defined the major obstacles that often prevent critical exchanges from having a stimulating learning effect in a collective setting.

Feedback is a core element of DAS Theatre, being a tool to organize many different work views. While receiving feedback, artists are encouraged to make an effort to share their research process with an audience, bringing their work into dialogue with others and making use of the expertise in the room. Most importantly, they are generating space for a collective thinking process. While giving feedback, the aim is to empower the research and work of another artist, go beyond the pronouncement of judgments to fundamental questions, confront the maker with their blind spots, and create a sense of (self-) discipline for the sake of their own of precision and clarity. Overall giving feedback is an exercise in supporting and enhancing the other and nurturing a reflective capacity to generate accurate and valuable feedback.

A wide range of reflection techniques can be applied during feedback sessions. These are meant to support the development and reflective insights on artistic processes. These sessions have a moderator that prepares the session together with the artist.

Facilitated by DAS Theatre mentor Juul Beeren, this workshop is divided into two parts. After a three ours introduction session to explore the philosophy, strategies, and tools of the feedback methods, we will collectively join the presentation of a current artist in residency, to later experience an hour session to practice and master the different techniques and skills.

In dialogue with Sâlmon Festival (ENTRE). The Sâlmon BETWEEN is a flow of actions that crystallizes a common work between Antic Teatre, La Caldera, Graner and La Poderosa. With the support of Iberescena, Generalitat de Catalunya – Catalan Institute for Cultural Companies and Barcelona City Council – Barcelona Institute of Culture. In dialogue with workspacebrussels, Das Theater, La Corvette and Santarcangelo Festival.


Friday, February 7th from 14:30h to 17:30h

  • Saturday, November 6th from 10:30h to 16:30h at  6 Graner (c/Jane Addams 14-16)

10.30h-13.30h: DasArts Feedback Method theory by Juul Beeren
13.30h-15h: Lunch (included)
15h-16.30h: DasArts Feedback Method (practical session / open studio by Leticia Sckrycky – artist in residency at Graner)

  • Price: 12€ (with lunch)
  • English will be the working language for the session.