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BOOMBETA 2021 · Live arts in La Marina from June 22nd to July 24th

We celebrate 10 years of the Graner with different performances co-created between Graner’s residents and La Marina’s neighbours: Ça marche and a group of girls from the neighborhood, nyamnyam and collective and neighborhood creation ” Behind the mountain”, Aurora Bauzà, Pere Jou and Las Aventureras of the Sant Cristòfol Choir, Dianelis Diéguez’s game, the opening of the  process by Núria Guiu and a final party with Alberto Cortés with an itinerary through the neighborhood that celebrates the walk and the song.

JUNE 22nd

17: 30 PM → Opening of the “Tik Tok Exorcism” process by the artist associated at Graner Núria Guiu.

19: 00 PM → Guided visit to the Graner accompanied by the staff of the center.

20: 00 PM→ Opening of the “Lo viejo y lo nuevo” process by the company Ça marche with the participation of girls from the neighborhood.

The proposals of June 22 are part of the program of the Festa Major de La Marina

JULY 1st and 2nd 

20: 00 PM →  “Darrere de la muntanya” by nyamnyam, in collaboration with Imma Solé, Dianelis Diéguez, Salva Sanchís, Pedro Pineda and Anna Rovira.

JULY 10th and 11th

20: 00 PM→  “Here and not there” by Aurora Bauzà and Pere Jou with Las Aventureras (singers from the Sant Cristòfol Choir).

JULY 24th

19:00 PM al Graner → Itinerary through the neighborhood “El camino del ardor” by Alberto Cortés with neighborhood participation.

ALSO → At different times during the BOOMBETA, “The infinite conversation of images” will be activated, a device-game by Dianelis Diéguez.

All activities are free

Graner, creation centre of dance and live art (c / Jane Addams 14-16) How to get there

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* Tickets of the itinerary “The path of ardor” will be available from July 1