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2023 Call · Support for residency projects (in resolution process)


Provisional list of admitted and excludeds projects

List of admitted and excluded projects

Provisional open call resolution


Graner is opening up a new call for applications for support for residency projects from January to December 2023. This call is aimed at artists, groups and other professionals, both local and international, working in the fields of dance and the performing arts, and who are developing creative or research projects of different types.

The 2023 residencies are divided into six different types:

  • Type A: Associated Artist
  • Type B: Creation
  • Type C: Research
  • Type D: Stage research: Light and Sound
  • Type E: Emerging artists
  • Type F: Practical methodologies
    • F1: Professional community
    • F2: Non-professional community

A single artist may apply for up to two grant types. If accepted, however, they will only be awarded one of the grants.


Applications may be submitted from the time of publication of this call for applications until Novembre 3rd, 2022 (2 PM, catalan time). Applications shall be submitted via the Internet using the forms found at the following links according the application type.

TYPE A: Associated Artist

TYPE B: Creation


TYPE C: Research

TYPE D: Stage research: Light and Sound

TYPE E: Emerging artists

TYPE F: Practical Methodologies

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