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"Stone and silk" by Siberia-Paloma Muñoz - October 15th

Stone and Silk, by Siberia – Paloma Muñoz

October 15 at 6:45 p.m.
Montjuïc Castle (ctra. De Montjuïc, 66)

Tickets free HERE

Bodies like scratches, like echoes bouncing against the stone. Bodies that disturb the air, that transmute into buzz. “Stone and Silk” is about space, its materiality, its smell, its sound, its memory. A celebration of the present, of the living.

Direction and choreography: Paloma Muñoz | Performers: Tanit Cobas, Jacob Gomez, Rober Gomez, Lara Misó | Sound space: Guillem Llotje | Production: Rita Stivala | Photography: Magui Pichinini

A co-production of the Barcelona City Council (Creation and Museums program) with the collaboration of Graner, Montjuïc Castle, FestivalG rec of Barcelona and Biennal del Pensament 2020)

*Paloma Muñoz is a resident artist of Graner (emerging artist modality)