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Graner is a cultural centre that engages with its vicinity, that hosts experimentation with non-standardized languages as an everyday practice, and connects the artists of the centre to the local community of our neighbourhood: La Marina.

We must have a lively culture that makes us think and allows us to continue creating new forms of culture; a culture that does not only offer finished products ready to be consumed by a passive audience, but instead makes us all take part in such products; a culture that entitles us to use its symbols and resignify them, to revisit traditions and create new imaginaries that let us build, remix, think and live culture in a lively and heterogeneous, non-normative and non-hegemonic, manner.

“Eix Cultural” has four cornerstones, four key values:

+ Awareness of the context

+ Participation

+ Creative resignification

+ Humanity

It includes such artistic actions as:

  • Collective authoring processes
  • Processes of collaboration between artists and neighbours
  • Generic proposals addressed to the citizens
  • Particular proposals addressed to specific collectives
  • Long-term processes (6 months to a year)
  • Brief and eventual actions

The implied organisations and professionals are:

  • Illa Educativa Project: EBM Collserola, Escola Bàrkeno and Espacio Familiar La Casa dels Colors + EBM El Niu (Can Clos) + Graner’s team.
  • Sant Pere Claver Fundació Sanitària + Consulta Jove: Sant Pere Claver Fundació Sanitària and Consulta Jove + Graner’s team.
  • Vulnus Action: Vulnus, Red sin gravedad
  • ASPROSEAT and ARTtransforma Action: ASPROSEAT and ARTtransforma
  • IMAGINA’T Action
  • El Cos Respira Project: Mercedes Boronat
  • Action at Festes Majors de la Marina: the festivity committees of the 9 quarters that form La Marina neighbourhood + Graner’s team
  • Actions within Festival SÂLMON<: Fabra i Coats – Fàbrica de Creació, IES Moisés Broggi, IES Montjuïc, IES Josep Comas i Solà, NyamNyam, Jorge Dutor y Guillem Mont de Palol, Anna Pantinat, Big Bouncers, En Resdiència, Cris Celada, Tomás Castro, Beatriz Sánchez, Agost Produccions, L’Afluent.