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Open studio of Talia de Vries and El Manisero, Saturday 3rd at 7pm at Graner

Obrim el procés de creació dels residents per convocatòria pública en la modalitat investigació en l’espai escènic Talia de Vries i El Manisero.

Noir, c’est pas noir

Research in which immobility and action converse with space, sound and time, and whose goal is to show that architecture is a living art form, perhaps the most alive of all, and a sound art, perhaps the most sonorous of all. Whilst other artistic disciplines place themselves in front of the body so that it may observe them, surround them and perform them, in architecture, it is architecture itself that observes and perceives the bodies, it is architecture that hosts them, arranges them, classifies, hides, protects, embraces, surrounds, exhibits and eliminates them. Our aim is to explore this special relationship with the body through sound and light: how they impact architecture, how they sweep and slip through it. That’s why this work deals with what happens when daylight slowly fades and the house falls silent, dark, and tries to lower the blinds and turn off the light, tries to open it all up and hide behind the curtains.

Talia de Vries and El Manisero

We met during the Research Studios programme at P.A.R.T.S Brussels. From the very outset, we saw that there was a path along which our lines of work and interests converged. After completing the programme, we decided to continue along this path together and began to plan a series of encounters based on our shared interest in image-related technologies and their relationship with sound. Our intention was to come together to work without prior agendas or guidelines, with no defined goals and without any kind of expectations or outside influences. This journey without a destination has allowed us, over time, to develop an intense, precise artistic language as well as a clear process of understanding and mutual exchange.

With the support of:

Graner, centre de creació de dansa i arts vives, Barcelona. La Casa Encendida, Madrid. Centro Cultural Conde Duque, Madrid. Le Pad Creation Center, Angers. Honolulu Creation Center, Nantes. Festival Grand Huit, Nantes,  National School of Architecture of Nantes