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Open Studio "The Grooves Experience" by Marina Pravkina · 26th September 19h at Graner

Public opening of “The Grooves Experience” by Marina Pravkina, Graner’s resident by public call 2022. Marina opens the studio and presents the moment she is in, just before finishing the technical residency she is currently carrying out.

 “The Grooves Experience” is the the research of the essence of the clubbing and the revision of the performative stage format in the context of the club. What if we arrive to the theatre, but we will leave the party? Marina Pravkina seeks the essence of the groove in the pulsation that has remained latently in society after the closure in 2020 of the great musical temples, those spaces that served to escape, reflect and transcend the individual to reach the collective. The Imagination of the end of the clubbing era after pandemic restrictions leads the choreographer to the idea of bringing the club experience as almost an exhibition object to the stage, where the duo of dancers go through the diverse body states of the “clubbing body” on the dancefloor and transmit it to the public.

Directon: Marina Pravkina.
Assistant: Adrián Vega.
Choreographie and performers: Marina Pravkina i Adrián Vega.
Music production: Cengiz Ulusahin
Costumes: Marina Pravkina & Elegance Artificielle.
Photography: Gelya Andrushina.
Lights & video: Petar Tanev.
Artistic advice: Julia Rubies.
Support by: Graner, Hop Festival, Centre Cívic Tomasa Cuevas-Les Corts, Play Barcelona.

  • Day: Dissabte 26 de novembre
  • Time: 19h
  • Venue: Graner (c/Jane Addams 14-16, 08038 Barcelona) Com arribar-hi
  • Free entrance until complete capacity