La Pedrera is leading the Dansa Ara (Dance Now) cycle of contemporary dance in this singular space. Graner is responsible for advising the programming of the cycle from 2013 to 2016 (four editions). It has also facilitated the growth of the cycle with the incorporation of co-productions with other festivals such as Sismògraf or Temporada Alta (programmers focus). In the programming of the cycle, site-specific creations, programs of emerging creators, unique pieces of consolidated creators and pieces in process of new languages ​​are found.

‘Dansa Ara’ in La Pedrera in collaboration with Graner:

2017: Sònia Gómez co-production support with Sismògraf Festival.

2016: Manuel Rodríguez (coproduction with Festival SÂLMON<), Lali Ayguadé / La Veronal, Mons Danza, La Intrusa, Guillermo Weickert, Laila Tafur, Cora Panizza, Montón de Paja & Trigo.

2015: Àngels Margarit, Abast Elàstic, Roser López Espinosa (coproduction with Festival SÂLMON<), Sol Picó, Zaida Torrego, Joaquín Collado, Raquel Gualtero.

2014: Lali Ayguadé, Big Bouncers, Roberto Oliván, Pere Faura (coproduction with T.Alta and Modul-Dance), Daniel Fernández, Paloma Muñoz, María García Vera.


One hundred museums, cultural centers and exhibition halls in Barcelona and its metropolitan area remain open and with free admission between seven in the afternoon and one in the morning. In addition to the usual exhibitions there will also be other cultural activities such as concerts, plays, dance and poetry recitals.

Museum Night is an initiative of the European Council and more than 4000 museums from 40 European countries participate. With ‘Creation & Museums’ the Night puts the focus on the various proposals that have been jointly created by the Creation Factories and 11 museums in the city.

As a result of this collaboration, a series of original artistic creations have emerged that provide a different point of view when it comes to perceiving and understanding the heritage or collections of these museums. The Night is a unique opportunity to discover both these projects and the spaces that inspire them, with actions for all types of audiences of the artists resident in these centers and that constitute the most festive part of the Night.

Creation & Museums represents a consolidated link that gives us a new look at spaces, but also about history and memory, enhancing emotions through the different sensibilities of the various creative disciplines.

The Graner has collaborated in the programming of Night of the Museums 2016-2018 with:

  • Blue Colored Sequence · Manuel Rodríguez ·Night of the Museums 2016 at MACBA
  • Paradise Avenue · Montón de Paja & Trigo · Museum Night 2017 at the Museum of Cultures of the World
  • Mundo Adorno · Vértebro · Night of the Museums 2018 at La Virreina, Image Center

PEA (2016-18)

The PEA (Artistic Expansion Project 2016-18) was a pilot project that brought culture, innovation and business into dialogue, with the aim of developing organizational models and effective and respectful collaboration methods with artistic creation. The PEA was focused on research and creating a fair relationship between cultural agents, both nationally and internationally, centered on newmanagement.

The Graner-Mercat de les Flors, with the support of the Banco Sabadell Foundation, launched this pioneering pilot project, which focused on the viability of the dialogue between the living arts and economic profitability and business organization. The PEA (after an open call) had a research group of 5 creators / companies who were part of this transdisciplinary research program for two years. Throughout this period, the different individual plans of artistic expansion of the selected artists, collectives or groups were specifically developed, who were advised and accompanied by a team of experts with which to design concrete actions to improve the relationship with their environment. economic and cultural. The PEA, however, also opened up to the sector and offered part of its training in an open format, generating a series of resources and content that were accessible in digital format.

The five artists who were selected to be part of this first PEA by open call were: Societat Doctor Alonso, Aimar Pérez Galí, Bárbara Sánchez, Jorge Dutor and Guillem Mont de Palol and El Conde de Torrefiel.


•  Assessment with Alfons Cornella – Infonomia (March 2017, open to the sector)
• Meeting in Pontós (April 2017)
• DNA festival in Pamplona (May 2017): the festival will host a group of the treball group in diàleg with the CoLABoratorio of the festival and the artistic context of Navarra.
• BooMBeta (July 2017), cycle of artistic actions of La Marina, programming one of the days of the cycle of thought troupe.
• Intacto festival (November 2017): Eduardo Bonito, Sociedad Doctor Alonso, and Cristina Alonso, from the PEA working group, will participate in the ‘PROFESSIONAL DAYS: Strategies from new cultural spaces: survival tactics in transmodernity’,
• Atélier EDN (February 2018); Atelier dins the context FESTIVAL SÂLMON <18, organized in the marc de les activitats d’EDN (European Dancehouse Network) with the support of the Creative Europe program
•Fluxonomy and 4D Economy workshop with Lala Deheinzelin at Festival DNA 2018
• In 2018, PEA will work on the design of two complementary artistic projects: the creation of PIEDRADURA and an Office of Economy for the common benefit.


PRO 365/Sismo is a a project of accompaniment to 10 professionals of the scenic management of Catalonia in the field of dance, movement arts and contemporary creation, which was developed throughout 2017. This device, led by the director Tena Busquets Festival and coordinated by the cultural manager Margarida Troguet, is part of the lines of action of the Dance Promotion Plan born within the framework of the Comprehensive Dance Plan in Catalonia and has the support of the Department of Culture of the Generalitat of Catalonia.

PRO365 / Sismo consisted during 2017 of four visits or artistic situations accompanied by 4 professional sponsorships and an online follow-up dynamized by Troguet of the dance activity in Catalonia and in Europe through articles, conferences, congresses, calls, videos .

Professional sponsorships were given by the dancer and choreographer Quim Bigas, from the Performing Arts technique of Fira Tàrrega, Anna Giribet, from the director of the El Graner Creation Center, Cristina Alonso and from the cultural manager, Margarida Troguet, who will accompany the process and will lead each of the situations, thus creating a specific work itinerary for each meeting.

For the second meeting of the project, within the framework of the Sismògraf 2017 from the Graner we generated this small document on the concept ‘residence’ to be work material of the PRO365 / Sismo group.


Graner participates in the academic coordination of the ‘Hemisphere Connection’ Meeting for Creative and Permanent Peer Dialogue ‘that began with a first action from June 5 to 8, 2018 in Colombia. This is a meeting that brings together Spanish and Colombian specialists who dialogue around thematic axes such as the adaptation of spaces for the arts, economic and financial management, the collection of resources, among other topics.

This first contact was developed within the framework of Focus Spain-Colombia 2018-2019, with the support of AC / E, and wants to be a space for dialogue between 32 Spanish and Colombian cultural managers of the public and private sector, with the purpose of exchanging experiences, as well as promoting alliances and associations that favor greater professionalization of the live arts sector of both countries.

Academic coordination: Cristina Alonso and Ángela Beltran.

They participated with the support of AC / E:

Jordi Buxó, Teatro Kamikaze, Madrid
Maia Villot, de Tabakalera País Basc
Monica Pérez, Teatre Principal de Palma, Illes Balears
Paz Santa Cecilia, Festival Internacional de Artes
Escénicas, IDEM
Fernando Pérez, Dirección de Cultura del Gobierno de Navarra
Manuel Llanes, Teatro Central de Sevilla
Oriol Martí, Fira Tàrrega, Lleida
Fernando Garcia, Matadero
Mónica Carroquino, Casa Encendida, Madrid
Maria Acaso, Universidad Complutense de Madrid
Cristina Alonso. Graner, Barcelona

FID 2015

The FID (Ventana d’Intenacionalització de la Danza) is a project for the internationalization of Catalan dance.

The Graner has collaborated in different editions of the FID, previously called IPAM. In each of the editions the collaborative role of the Graner was different, being the FID 15 edition the edition itself properly mediated entirely by the Graner, in dialogue with the sector and with the complicity of the SÂLMON <

The FID 2015 was held from December 6 to 8 (2015) with the complicity of the SÂLMON< Festival. After different collaborative work sessions the objectives of the FID 2015 are being configured.

In its previous editions (and within the IPAM, International Performing Arts Meeting), designed and organized by the sector (represented by both professional associations and independent agents), reference institutions and public administrations, different logics were carried out of operation and methodologies, hosting exhibition formats (local and international) and meeting formats more aimed at establishing networking.

After different work sessions and in response to the local context and the dynamics and requests of the artists itself, the 2015 edition focused on the figure of the artist and gave visibility and appropriate context to the creator and his extended capacity for action.

Eight artists (or artistic groups) were selected to participate in the FID 2015. The selected artists were co-responsible with the FID’s stable work commission for the design and presentation of their creative universe, for the creation of dialogue with the rest of the artists. selected and of its articulation with the local artistic reality (creating a resonance with this local fabric from the organization of open socialization spaces).

The FID 2015 was not a meeting place for professionals to deepen and disseminate internationally to the work and in the artistic universe of the 8 artists selected.


Project # FF80 (2012-14) was jointly set up with the Temporada Alta Festival and focused on contemporary creation and artistic mobility and for this reason different actions were included to discuss, reflect and find connection points and work routes future that favored creative paths.

Central actions of the project:

  • Meeting behind closed doors 48 hours with the creators involved in each edition of the project, to talk about how to jointly build production ties that enable future work routes.
  • FF80 invites international programmers who are interested in monitoring and accompanying in the medium term some of the future projects of the creators involved (in collaboration with the Ramon Llull Institute).
  • Dialogue with the programming of the contemporary creation week of the High Season Festival, which had programmed FF80 creators.

Through these actions, it was intended to debate and reflect on contemporary scenic creation and more specifically in the field of dance and find new routes and work dynamics to enhance artistic mobility and long-term creative processes.


Graner, with the support of Iberescena (Iberescena Residences Programme 2014) and Mercat de les Flors designed the Interpolation project, an international project under in dialogue with Ojo publication and the Transregional Observatory project.

Interpolation was a dialogue meeting that paid attention to the coincidence or not of artistic practices between different artists from different contexts, based on the concept and definition of interpolation, understood as the action of obtaining new points based on the discrete set of points, understanding the person as a point and the whole as the sum of people.

Interpolation was an encounter of free dialogue without a frame between 5 people who did not know each other to see what interpolations of artistic thought generated between them.

In their first edition of the project, the countries and creators involved were: Tania Solomonoff (Argentina-Mexico), Ayala Hernández (Uruguay), Cristina Blanco (Spain), Cláudia Müller (Brazil), Bárbara Pinto (Chile).

All of them worked a week together and two weeks individually in the Graner during the fall of 2014.


From March 5 to 8, 2017, a residence in the Graner took place by NAVE space management team in Chile that allowed us to dialogue, share and discuss the relationship between the creators and the creation centers, possible work models in the field of accompaniment of the artist, art and community and other topics of interest.

A residence of this type is very enriching because it questions Graner’s own team and allows us to reflect through our dialogue with NAVE about our own operation. The residence had work sessions with different profiles linked to the Graner (the team itself, resident creators, technical team and technical professionals linked to projects that have been developed in technical residence in the Graner, visits to other areas of the city and internal work from the NAVE team itself: Jonathan Inosztroza, Consuelo Laclaustra, Carmina Infante, Angie Vial, Javiera Peón-Veiga and María José Cifuente).

The residence was supported by: International Affairs and Dance Area Unit of the National Council of Culture and Arts, Directorate of Cultural Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Chilean Embassy in France and the Chilean National Commission for Cooperation with the UNESCO

Therefore, during 2017, the NAVE team in Santiago de Chile and Graner shared their dynamics and operation (technical, administrative and curating) and carried out temporary exchanges between their management teams to share practices in real time.

This relationship led to the incorporation of a person to our production team during the SÂLMON< Festival 17, sharing forms and knowledge and assuming part of the SÂLMON <17 curatorship, specifically in the construction of the Chilean focus that was presented in the 6th edition of the festival.

Artists involved: Javiera Peón-Veiga and María Siebald.

With the support of: AC / E and Creation Factory Internationalization Program (ICUB)

As part of our dialogue with NAVE in March 2017, we welcomed the artists Matilde Amigo and Loreto Caviedes, linked to the Chilean structure.

More info about NAVE


The Graner has collaborated in two editions of the BIDE Barcelona, ​​hosting in its space the activities of the Barcelona International Dance Exchange (BIDE), which provides a platform for networking and creative exchange between choreographers, dancers and professional performers. The BIDE proposes a form of horizontal work, a space to meet and work together, find inspiration and possible future collaborations. BIDE’s interest is performance, research and teaching. Participants must be professionals and have experience in these areas. To this end, BIDE consists of a main event that takes place in the month of March and a series of subsequent events called post-BIDE that take place during the year.

  • 2013 · BIDE in Graner
  • 2014 · BIDE in Graner


Modul-dance was a multi-annual cooperation project with the participation of 20 European dance houses from 16 countries.

Its main aim was to support development, mobility and exchange for dance artists.

Led by Mercat de les Flors in Barcelona, the project operated under the umbrella of the European Dancehouse Network (EDN) and was funded by the European Commission through its Culture Programme.

Modul-dance lasted from June 2010 to December 2014 and it was one of the most important sponsored EU cultural projects.