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For an artistic residency to take place, it is necessary, at least, to have an available physical space to work and some material and economic resources. Yet, this is insufficient. An artistic residency requires something else. Other, perhaps more intangible, resources are needed. Monitoring, care, affection and critical reflection are required during the duration of the residency. Therefore, we take this text as the departure point of an open text that incorporates new voices from different perspectives and views within Spain. Throughout the year, this traveling text will stop at the many different places that will host us and offer us writing micro-residencies which will allow us to collect and share different experiences and approaches towards residencies.

The text’s itinerary is the following:

VOLUME 3: Participation Conference ICAS – Scenic Arts

July 7th-8th 2017

Voices: Patricia Caballero, Santiago Turenne, Bárbara Sánchez, Claudia Delso, Fran Pérez Román, Ana Extremiana Eguia, Guillermo Weickert and Arturo Fernández.

VOLUME 2: DNA Festival

May 19th-June 2nd 2017

Voices: Carmen Larraz, Laida Aldaz, Fernando Pérez, Centro Huarte, Neto Machado and Jorge Alencar.

An initiative within PEA – CoLABoratorio

VOLUME 1: Sismògraf Festival

April 20th-24th 2017

Voices: Marcos Morau, Paulo Vasques i Ramon Giné.

An initiative within Pro365