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Andrea Jiménez

Collaborations, 2020

Graduated in Choreography and Dance Interpretation and specialized in Spanish dance from the Theater Institute. She has been a teacher, student-creator, concert artist and freelance dancer / dancer for a decade and continues her training with pedagogues, choreographers and directors of flamenco, folkloric – Iberian dance, theater, contact-improvisation, Feldenkrais, among others. He has been giving talks on Spanish dance at the University of Barcelona since 2012 to the students who participate in the Erasmus Knox-College program.

Since then she has collaborated with national and international artists from any field as a young choreographer and as a professional dancer, and is currently co-founder of the Association of Spanish Dance Teachings of Catalonia, in addition to directing AnCorae, a dance company project that is nurtured from research into the gesture of traditional dances and Iberian folklore, in addition to integrating the study of flamenco and other stick dances as a language and choreographic resource in their works, such as · HerdEiras · and LUAº

  • 2020 · collaboration with Premi Institut del Teatre · Luaº

*portrait Mar Badal