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Aïda Colmenero

Collaborations, 2021

Aïda Colmenero Dïaz is an artist, actress, choreographer, dancer, filmmaker and a performing arts curator born in Madrid of Galician descent. Aïda is a leading artist in Spain thanks to her avant-garde career as a multidisciplinary artist, which has led her to explore unusual regions of the world and to embark on unique creative processes, crossing borders and providing a complex and alternative reflection on identity and cultural heritage with a solid gender perspective. Her works offer universal messages that refer to the essentiality of human beings and their connection with visible and invisible nature, and are based on collective creative processes in which Aïda develops the creative potential of each artist in her company, drawing from imagination, energy and instinct. In the last decade, Aïda developed strong ties with the African performing arts sector through various projects. Endorsed by numerous national and international institutions, she further com- bines her profession as an art creator with her pedagogical activity, giving workshops and masterclasses in numerous centres and universities in Europe, Latin America and Africa. Aïda is going to cooperate with António Tavares, choreographer located in Mindelo, Cape Verde, and one of the key figures in the history of contemporary dance in the African continent. Through her cooperation with António Tavares, it is her goal to connect with her own choreographic-vibration sound-language by exploring new inner spaces. Together they will explore the holistic construction of a creator and meet virtually every 15 days for theoretical- practical work.

  • 2021 · collaboration with Africa Moment