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Alina Folini

Collaborations, 2021

Non binary artist and researcher. They work navigates between dance, choreography and curatorial practices. Alina are interested in creating artistic research contexts, both academic and self-taught. Conceives choreography as a framework from which to denaturalize the hegemonic body and provoke transformations. Master in “Performing Arts Practices and Visual Culture” by the Castilla La Mancha University in collaboration with the Reina Sofía National Museum of Art 2017/2018 (Madrid). They studied Bachelor in Philosophy (University of Buenos Aires) and Bachelor in Choreographic Composition (University of Arts) in Argentina. She was part of the PACAP 4 – Performing Arts Advanced Programme 2020 at Forum Dança (Lisbon) curated by João Dos Santos Martins. Alina is the artistic director of ARQUEOLOGIAS DEL FUTURO_ International Festival of Contemporary Dance, Performance and Knowledge, in Buenos Aires – Argentina. Co-create Proyecto TACTIL (2018) with Leticia Skrycky in collaboration with Luciana Chieregati. It was a resident project in Leal.Lav (Tenerife), La Caldera (Barcelona), Graner (Barcelona), NAVE (Santiago de Chile) and Intermittent Residence / Canal Dance Center (Madrid). It has the support of Prodanza / Government of the City of Buenos Aires 2018. They were a resident artist at Centro Cultural Conde Duque (Madrid) with her new work RUIDO ROSA / PINK NOISE, which is part of CUATRO and received the fund for co-production by Iberescena 2019. Alina have presented her previous works: SURVIVAL (2015), LA RISA (2017) and TOGETHERNESS (2016) in different spaces and festivals such as Judson Church and Center for Performance Research (New York – US), JUNTA Festival Internacional de Dança (Brazil), CCK (Argentina), La Casa Encendida (Madrid), MASA Festival – Pradillo Theater (Madrid), NIDO Festival (Uruguay), CIA – Artistic Research Center (Argentina), among others.
Since 2016 they have been dancers in “Trilogía Antropofágica” and “Serie Canibal” directed by Tamara Cubas & Cia Perro Rabioso (Uruguay), performing the pieces in Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, Austria, Brazil, Argentina, Chile and Uruguay. During 2018 they are invited to SALON MADRID – a meeting directed by Meg Stuart in Teatros del Canal and Naves Matadero-, as preparation’s sessions of TANZKONGRESS 2019 to be held in Dresden – Germany in June 2019. Alina were part of PICA – an intensive program of accompaniment to artists and researchers, coordinated by Idoia Zabaleta, Ixiar Rozas, Luciana Chieregati and Isabel de Naverán in Azala – Center of Creation (Basque Country). Alina are an artistic advisor for the Laboratorio de Acción 2019 -Teatro General San Martín, Buenos Aires-, curated by the choreographer Luis Garay. They are mentoring at the Dance Seminar of the Performing Arts Degree (UNSAM), Buenos Aires. Currently they are performing and dancing in SIRI, choreographed by Marco Ferreira da Silva (PT) & Jorge Jácome; COBERTOS PELO CÉU directed by Gustavo Ciríaco (BR) and are colaborating with Ana Rita Teodoro (PT) with the process of LEITURA DE SERES VEGETAIS. They are based between Madrid and Lisbon.

  • 2021 · collaboration with La Caldera / Sâlmon Entre Festival · Ruido rosa