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Anto Rodríguez

, 2021

I am Anto Rodríguez. I work in the field of contemporary performing arts and their derivatives. I like to think of my work as being part of the same cultural family as the TV, Tik Tok, Youtube or the old ladies that step out of their house in Summer to sew on the street. I usually do staged performances, although I sometimes do musical, audiovisual or written ones as well. When I work, I constantly think of the audience, and when I think of the audience, I constantly think of my friends. I think of the audience as a friend, with whom I share a nonproductive and loving relationship. You can find in my website some of the things I do. And more or less the same in my Instagram account, just without T-shirt.

  • 2021 · open call  · Arriba


Arriba (Upward) is a performance that I prepared with my friends Óscar and Cristina as we remembered how we used to play together commedia dell’arte, already a long time ago. As the action of remembering suggests, we rewrote what we lived back then and looked for the meaning of those experiences in our bodies. In Arriba (Upward) we walk with music, we march. We dance just by walking, which is hardly the only way we can dance now. I wonder whether the arts of relation are different today than how they used to be one year or one continent ago. I wonder how we get now high. How do we embody what’s mainstream? Where  do I stuff it?

Facebook: anto.rodriguez.velasco
Instagram: @anto_rv
Twitter: @ AntoR_V