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Candela Capitán

Open call, 2022

An action artist and choreographer, I explore the body’s languages via different routes, practices and media. My works leverage a range of choreographic platforms such as installations, live action and video. The generation gap, sexuality, consumption, voyeurism and new technology are topics that allow me to create an edgy world full of fantasies and vandalism that calls on the audience to participate directly with their tensions, enjoyment and delusions. My personal projects began in 2018 and include Cloaca (2019), a dance piece presented at Seville’s Teatro Central as part of the El Futuro es ahora festival, the long-form performance piece Mantis, Three Hours of Coffin (2019) presented at Barcelona’s Loom Festival, the video performance Censored (2020), available on the Nowness platform, and the performances The Death at The Club (1.0 in 45 minutes) and The Death at The Club (1.2 in 4 hours).

  • 2022 · open call · 19762. SOLOS Y CONECTADOS 

A never-ending flitting between beauty and violence

comes and goes between the bodies

In every, turn a crack in the universe

and an unknown stroll towards the desert.

These verses summarise my next piece, 19762. Solos y conectados, commissioned by the public Staatstheater company in Kassel, Germany. In it, I will investigate the bodies born as part of the digital generation and that have grown up alone, individualised and hyper-connected. A work that questions what it means to feel trapped by the routine of today’s life, in which bodies embrace, reject and obey their physical, social and community bonds.