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Cuqui Jerez

Collaborations, 2021

Artist, choreographer and performer. (Madrid/Berlin)

Since my first pieces my work has been a tool for me to understand the performative act. So far I made performances, dances, theatre pieces, videos, texts, photographs, objects, events and publications, but somehow I consider all of these practices as choreographies. My approach to all the works is choreographic, that’s why I consider myself mainly a choreographer. My obsession is to create new realities and new languages through space, time and bodies. I am very focused on constructing in space but in my work I cannot separate space from time. Time enables the process of construction or transformation in space and this relation space-time activates language or the possibility of escaping from it.

I am interested in creating a displacement in the spectator’s experience. The way to understand this possible displacement has changed throughout my practice in different ways and in different dimensions. In my early work this shift occurs within a semiotic field, understanding the performative act as a system of signs that produce a situation or a fiction. Later I begin to understand this act as something that moves away from meaning and references, where a release of language is produced and perception and contemplation of the world come into play. In this shift the understanding of fiction is transformed, as it no longer comes to represent something that exists but to represent something that does not exist and therefore it creates a suggestion, a new possibility. In my last projects I’m observing and practicing the behavior of things, removing power to the figure of the performer and giving it to the “things”, creating landscapes in motion, observing the performativity of materiality and offering the spectator a state of contemplation where hyper-attention, expectation, suspense and emotion are brought into play.

  • 2021 · collaboration with Conde Duque · Mágica y Elástica