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Georgia Vardarou

Open call, 2019

I was born in Athens in the eighties. I graduated from the State School of Dance (Κ.Σ.Ο.Τ.) (GR) and then from P.A.R.T.S. (BE). After the 4 year program of P.A.R.T.S. I lived in Brussels for 9 more years working as a dancer and a choreographer. My main collaborations have been with Salva Sanchis, Marc Vanrunxt and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker/Rosas amongst others. My first piece of research was on personal movement and the content that this carries. I created the solo‘Hardcore Research on Dance’ as an outcome. Next I choreographed my first full-length group piece ‘Phenomena’. A piece with no concepts external to the movement. A trio where hints of dramaturgy were sought solely through the manifestation of the movements themselves. Later my quest while choreographing ‘New Narratives’ , my second group piece, was to go deeper into creating suggestive narratives by the means of a more or less abstract language. A paradox that still feeds my interest. Nowadays I am busy with ‘Where Dance Happens’. Two years ago I moved to the region of Barcelona while my work is still being produced by KUNST/WERK (BE). I am trying to bridge my life and my work between these three cities..Athens -Brussels-Barcelona.

  • 2019 · open call · Where is dance happening


‘Where Dance Happens could be alternatively called ‘Why should it be more desirable for green fire balls to exist than not?’ ‘ Where Dance Happens’ is a solo dance piece in collaboration with visual artist David Bergé. Visual input and movements imbricated with each other allow potential narrative readings. How playful can contextualisation of an image be by the means of the language of dance? Do meanings become malleable next to a body moving? Our consciousness can’t avoid synthesising. What does one see when she sees a body moving? The body? The intended by the maker idea? Whatever each part of the audience thinks? What is happening in the space between the mover’s and the audience’s perception? This space between our different perceptions is perhaps where dance is happening. Being aware of this space is being aware that we are trying to communicate. The potential of this kind of communication is in the core of this show.