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Glòria Ribera

Collaborations, 2021

Glòria Ribera graduated in Dramatic Art from Institut del Teatre. Trained in classic singing, cello, and creative writing, she is a founding member of theatre company José y sus hermanas, and performed in the pieces Los bancos regalan sandwicheras y chorizos and Arma de construcción masiva. She has acted in productions such as My low cost revolution by Fundación Agrupación Colectiva and Retrat de Dora directed by Joan Escrivà-Escolà. Together with Amalia Calderón, she is pushing for the revival of the cuplé with performances at Teatre Arnau, the National History Museum of Catalonia and the Cercle del Liceu. Glòria Ribera co-hosted the FAD awards ceremony with Quim Bigas, showing fragments from Versiones parciales y erróneas de mi vida y mi gloria, her first work as creator.


  • 2021 · collaboration with FiraTàrrega