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Guillem Jiménez – laSADCUM

Open call, 2022

Hi there! We are laSADCUM, a dance project created in 2018 by Guillem Jiménez, aka yours truly (La Teixonera 1999, BCN real shit). Here at laSADCUM we’re developing a number of dance-based projects whilst also rethinking how we want to form a dance “company” at the present time, focusing mainly on creating a generational network. The project is divided between a work creation branch (performance art, but also curating art installations and events) and an educational one (coordinating workshops or partnering with education centres), to tackle, in different formats, the role of dance and the body at the present time. Right now, we’re SO down with talking about everything that’s going on with us as a generation, because we have a need to find a voice. We are some, we are everyone and no-one. But, man, how cool is it to be here, amiright?^^

  • 2022 · open call · Aclucalls

ACLUCALLS is a multidisciplinary dance piece that paints a grotesque portrait of society and the post-Internet generation, highlighting generational traumas and frustrations in a two-hour-long work with 12 performers, based on three concepts so representative of this generation: the workout, computer programming and the screen. For this project, we have brought together 18 artists from the city, all born in the ‘90s, from different disciplines and with different training backgrounds. ACLUCALLS is no dystopia: it’s our reality.

Pic by Pablo de Pastors


Guillem Jiménez’s residency is part of the Institut Ramon Llull’s international residency / mentoring program.