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Janet Novás

Collaborations, 2021, 2019, 2015

Dancer and creator from Galicia. She has lived in Madrid since 2001, studying contemporary dance In Madrid, Brussels and Berlin. In 2008 she started creating and developing her own projects through a process of experimentation and self-investigation.  Her work is based on observation, experience and dialogue with the body, driven by a strong commitment to her own language, shaping the emotional content and aesthetic simplicity that characterize her work. From her beginnings as a creator, Janet has worked with the musician and composer Haru Mori and the choreographer and performer Ricardo Santana.  She has presented her creations at prestigious festivals in Spain as well as abroad, including Rencontres Chorégraphiques, Festival de Marseille, Festival Nouvelles-Pole Sud, Cement Festival, Dança en Transito, MOV_S, TNT Dansa, Festival de Otoño a Primavera, Escenas do Cambio and the Bad Festival among others.

  • 2015 · collaboration Teatro Pradillo / Festival de Otoño a Primavera · Si pudiera hablar de esto no haría esto
  • 2019 · collaboration Festival Sismògraf · Mercedes mais eu
  • 2021 · collaboration with Festival Plataforma · CGAC Santiago de Compostela · Simplemente bonito (provisional title)