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Jéssica Esther Moreno

Collaborations, 2021

Afro-Mexican, graduated from the National School of Theater Art of the National Institute of Fine Arts, Mexico and intern for the Bachelor’s Degree in Dramatic Literature and Theater at UNAM in the area of ​​Scenic Direction. Complete the Diploma “Physical Theater” by IUGTE in Lithuania; the specialization in “Corsical Voices” and “Gaga Dance” at the Jerzy Grotowsky Institute in Poland; She is currently doing a master’s degree in Artistic Studies at the ASAB of the Francisco José de Caldas District University in Bogotá, Colombia with an artistic project on Afro-descendant women from Cesar, Colombia and the Costa Chica of Mexico. She is co-founder of the Gitanos Teatro collective with whom she has carried out various productions and workshops at the national and international level in black and indigenous communities. He has carried out artistic residencies with groups from Colombia and Lithuania. As an actress, she has performed on various stages and festivals in Mexico, Colombia, Spain, Brazil and Lithuania. As Director, she carries out various productions in which Guy Foissy’s “Direction Gritadero” stands out, the winning work of the IV Prize for Scenic Creation, awarded by the UNAM and the “Pedro Nada Más” Theater-Rap process. She is co-founder of the feminist project Casa Warmi, a space from and for women with artistic circulation in Bogotá, Colombia. She was a scholarship recipient of the FONCA Program for Cultural Projects and Co-investment 2017, of the FONCA, Mexico and a 2019 Artistic Residency Scholar of the FONCA-Ministries of Culture, Mexico-Colombia.

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  • 2021 · collaboration with Africa Moment · No soy tu negra