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João Fiadeiro i Carolina Campos

Collaborations, 2020

João Fiadeiro

I belong to the generation of artists who arose at the end of the 80s in Portugal and created the Portuguese New Dance. My works travel between disciplines (performance, dance, theatre), contexts (theatres, museums or in situ) and formats (choreography, events or conferences). In the 90s, alongside my work as a performer, choreographer and artistic director, I spent a lot of time practising and studying contact-improvisation, which led to my own research into improvisation, which I have called ‘Composition in Real Time’. This is a theoretical and practical tool that supports creation, decision and collaboration, and it is this that currently underpins all my activities as an artist, researcher and educator.

Carolina Campos

I am Brazilian and have lived in Lisbon since 2013. From 2007 to 2011 I performed at the Lia Rodrigues Cia de Danças. Since 2012 I have worked with João Fiadeiro in researching and setting up the ‘Composition in Real Time’, as well as in choreographic creation for different shows. I am currently following a course of independent studies with the MACBA in Barcelona. I have worked with both national and foreign artists of the likes of Márcia Lança, Adaline Anobile, Iván Haidar and Julian Pacomio.

  • 2020 · collaboration with Sâlmon · Ça va exploser