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Joaquín Collado

Collaborations, 2015

Joaquin Collado (Spain, 1991) is a choreographer based in Brussels and Valencia. In 2014 Joaquin decided to put into practice his aesthetics concerns and since that moment he has created several choreographic works. He’s been associated to La Caldera, El Graner (Barcelona), and the Teatre El Musical, where he had two creative residency which were an important start point for him to develop his own movement. In 2017 Joaquín, accompanied by people he wants to work with, founds Antes Collado as a shared space for creation, that is, the company. Antes Collado was selected for the 18th Young Creators Biennale of Europe and the Mediterranean 2017 and went to Tirana (Albania) to represent Spain. He showed “Nereo drowning (and the Nereidas)”, a piece created and premiered in the Theatre El Musical (Valencia). Joaquín, in the same year, collaborates as well with the Biennale di Venezia, which offers him the opportunity to work in a new creation and show it within the framework of the Biennale dance festival. Later on, in Madrid Choreographic Contest – Paso a dos 2017 he receives the AISGE Foundation Prize which allows him to travel to Washington and present a site-specific. The Prize also grants him the opportunity to create a new piece, during a six-week period in North Carolina, and premiere it within the American Dance Festival. Antes Collado collaborates frequentely with Ça Marche, a theatre company who is based in Barcelona. (OMAR) and GodMar were some of the projects which they created. Joaquin began his career as a dancer in Valencia with the young dance company Gerard Collins. He has been working as a professional dancer for almost a decade in various projects in Germany, Holland and Spain. At these point of his life, he finds himself at a moment of maturation in which he is interested not only in the movement itself involved in a piece, but also in all the research envolved in it. Everything that surrounds it. Joaquín has worked with several choreographers, namely, INNE|Iván Pérez, Maduixa Theater, La Coja Dansa, Wee Dance Company, Eulàlia Berguedà and Marcos Morau&La Veronal.

  • 2015 · collaboration cicle Dansa Ara · Muerte del avestruz