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Júlia Barbany

Open call, 2022

I am a performer and a creator. My work seeks to investigate the limits of performativity, which I call soft, in which I try to keep my body in a performative almostbutnotquite state that comprises and presents what is laughable and a mistake as a poetic strategy. My imaginary lies halfway between the visual and the performing arts, in a kind of “grey cube”. I regard the body as a prop that, together with the other components, builds a fake plastic scene. I combine my solo career with collaborations in a number of projects as performer and artistic director. I have been part of the Las Huecas collective since 2015. I trained as a performer in Barcelona’s Institut del Teatre and I studied performance at the University of Helsinki. I’m currently in the final year of my master’s degree in Comparative Studies in Literature, Art and Thought at Barcelona’s Pompeu Fabra University.

  • 2022 · open call · Diversión obligatoria

The dystopia of a piece that has died. When the great dogmas have crumbled, when the show can’t go on, when action has failed, we are called on to continue enjoying ourselves. Under the statement the constant failure of having a body, this project investigates the relationship we establish with our own body and how humour, magic and the work ethic create techniques for subverting its materiality.