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Julián Pacomio

Open call, 2021

My scenic works explore the ideas of copy, remake, translation and appropriation of others’ materials. I collaborateswith the choreographer Ángela Millano in the research project Asleep Images, from which they have created the pieces Make It, Don’t Fake It (2019) and PSYCHO (2020).  Another works are El mundo bajo el mundo (2017) and Espacio Hacedor (2016) in collaboration with the architect Miguel del Amo. Since 2017 I work in Lisboa with the choreographer João Fiadeiro in From afar it was an Island, De perto, uma pedra and O Qué Fazer Daqui Para Trás. I have collaborated with Luis Garay, Annika Pannitto, Carolina Campos, Daniel Pizamiglio, Leticia Skrycky, Blanca G. Terán, among others. In 2020, he is attending at Forum Dança PACAP (Performing Arts Advanced Program), curated by João Dos Santos Martins in Lisbon.I have curated NO NO NO SOLO SOLO NO at Injuve and the winning project of Inéditos 2021 at La Casa Encendida Contemplar una superficie inestable with Ignacio de Antonio Antón.

  • 2021 ·  open call  · Apocalipsis entre amigos o el día simplemente


We have been going to bed early for a long time. We are daytime people, nights are others’ concern. We wait for the end of times together, all together, here. At some point that which is today familiar and intimate will become uncanny, and the end will come gently, kindly.

Something dark will emerge and point at life, and nothing will ever be as it used to; our memories from before will become meaningless, and only the latest ones, the memories from our present, will be of use. We won’t be contemporary ever again, and only the sunlight will remain, simply that.


[…] this makes no sense but anything else makes no sense either but anything else is death.