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Lara Brown

Open call, 2021

My name is Lara Brown and I am and artist. I work on the field of performing arts. I work on movement, the notion of body and the mobilisation of concepts by actions. I deal with the body and its transformation as an artistic medium and as a producer of thinking. I move everywhere I can, and think like that, and take notes. And sometimes I get hold of that information in order to imagine, prepare and perform entire works, which last at least for 40 minutes, and sometimes briefer and performative gestures. These places used to be and still are La Caldera, La Poderosa, Leal Lav, L’Estruch, Azala, Castilla’s hills, a garage, the 3€/hour ateliers at Casa Patas, and this year Graner too.

  • 2021 · open call · El Movimiento Involuntario


The Involuntary Movement is the title of a project on the impact of folklore on a contemporary body.This project is born out of the desire to understand the origins of that folklore, specifically dance.

I like to think as dance as an innate need to move in an unproductive way.And I also like to imagine that as the reason of the dance epidemics outbursts, which expanded throughout Europe for centuries since almost 1374.Folklore as an attempt to choreograph that chaos.
That’s a sensitive topic though, so I’d better study it carefully or otherwise. After all, that’s why I chose to engage in this research.

The choreographic starting point that fuels this idea is the traditional Spanish dance jota. I used to dance jotas as a child, until I realised that something was wrong.Then I exchanged jota for ballet, and only after 25 years I started to unravel that mystery.

These are some of the hints that I’ve collected so far:

— What happens when we dance, where do performed movements go? Are they parasites? Are they useful somehow?


Was dance condemned, and so was the necessary bodily drive towards a practice of freedom stigmatised (?)
Was power afraid again of dance, of those jigging and twisting bodies (?)
Did folk dances contribute to the rising of “spectatorship”, thus turning that which was born as a ritual into a spectacle (?)

Everywhere this research and the work on this piece takes place I come up with a new subtitle, which acts as a tribute to the folklore of that very environment.I would like to produce a reflection through this work, some legacy that reflects upon and sets into practice in a poetic way that drive to an involuntary movement that propels bodies into freedom while nurturing and producing a shared and unproductive space.
Instagram: @lara.brown_