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Leticia Skrycky

Open call, 2021

I am a designer and a performance artist. I work on performance and dance. I consider performances to be a situation of awareness above all, where a myriad of diverse, autonomous and uncontrollable forces meet. That’s why I understand the practices of make-think in arts from the point of view of collaboration and the usually mysterious relations between human and other-than-human beings.

Since I approach devising as an excavation process, I like to think of my training as the development of a sensitivity for that which lies below, behind or throughout things: a desire to learn how to nourish the hidden possibilities in the opacity of affections, that which gathers us and unfolds in our company.

  • 2021 · Open Call · Las lámparas #3


“These lamps invite us to perceive their heat, listen to their physicality, make an existing magnetic field visible, feel an active electrical flow. The light they emit is not meant for an object to be seen, but for an exercise to free vision and hone hearing to happen.”

THE LAMPS #3 is meant as an electrical choreography on a theatre’s stage.
Instagram: @leticiaskrycky