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Macarena Recuerda Shepherd

Open call, 2020

I am a stage artist I am interested in researching in other languages ​​such as cinema, installation and, on this occasion, light as my own language. I am also interested in collaborating with artists who generally work in other artistic disciplines, such as now, who work with the illuminator Enara Iranbide. I understand the stage act as an encounter with the public, per this in general I design games for the public.

  • 2020 · open call · The Watching Machine


‘The Watching Machine’ is an investigation of body and representation through the shadows that a body produces. A performance where small optical effects are created through body movement. The research at this time is in the first part, collecting articles and references from other artists who have worked with this idea. I am mainly interested in working on representation through shadows and their manipulation. The elements I will work with will be simple, mostly small and domestic objects. I think the simplicity of materials offers an unexpected magic.

Pic by © Saul Steinberg