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Marcela Levi & Lucía Russo | Improvável Produções

Open call, 2022

We are a duo of choreographers. In 2010 we founded Improvável Produções (Improbable Productions) in Rio de Janeiro, a nomadic place of training, research and creation. We bet on a polyphonic direction in which different inventive positions interweave in a process that welcomes deviant lines, dissent and internal differences as a constructive critical force and not as self-excluding polarities.

Improvável’s work encounters an experimental aesthetic that emerges from a singular encounter with the impasses of Brazilian society. Therein lies a rigorous effort to, instead of succumbing, transform the entanglements and tensions into the very material of an artistic production.

Improvável is responsible for the conception, creation and production of the dance pieces Monstrous Nature (2011), Mordedores (2015), Iron Mouth (2016), Let it burn (2017), HARM-ONY (2018) and grrRoUNd (2021), among others.  //

  • 2022 · Practical Methodologies open call · Practices of excess and the rigour of explosion

In “Practices of excess and the rigour of explosion” we bring into play apparently incompatible notions, such as excess and practice, rigour and explosion. Through our creations, whose processes are deliberately long, we defend the daily forging that transforms and articulates other corporealities and dramaturgies that distill contradictions and ambiguities. To do so, we bet on what is alive, that is to say, fragmentary and incomplete. To fragment the body in order to articulate it, to liberate its potential of relation. To be more than one. BeRelation.

The joints allow us to move, they are many and we can work so that they are mobilized, at the same time, in different directions and rhythms. We are interested in the “at the same time”. Polyrhythm. That the thing is not univocal, but multifaceted, non-capturable.

Collage: Ícaro Gaya

Photo Levi & Russo: Bea Borgers