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María Jurado

Collaborations, 2022

María Jurado began her dance studies at the Murcia Professional Dance Conservatory and continued at the Barcelona Superior Dance Conservatory, where she graduated in Choreography. He approaches dance from different points, creating and reflecting on his own pieces and experimenting with a way of doing dance that is a constant challenge. As a performer, she has danced with emerging artists such as Mabel Olea in Japan or the Paradís 99 company with Extremadamente Rebeldes y Peligrosas. She has recently participated in the latest creation process of the Cuqui Jerez company. Her interest as a creator lies in theoretical research on the practice of dance that is related in a multidisciplinary way to the scene and the possibilities of the format. He is obsessed with the limits of the human being, the disturbing, and the beauty of the unknown.

  • 2022 · collaboration with Festival Grec / Premi IT· Black sun