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Norberto Llopis

Open call, 2023

Norberto Llopis Segarra: My work oscillates between dance, performance, and thought. Initially, I trained in dance and choreography at the Institut del Teatre, but my interest in performance and other approaches to the body led me to pursue a master’s degree in performing arts at DasArts (Amsterdam). Alongside my artistic practice, I have been developing a practice of thought and writing around the body, movement, and performativity. This writing practice ranges from essays on artistic practices to performative lectures, installations, or durational actions. In my recent works, the notion of “operation” has gained importance as both an artistic and a philosophical practice, and this notion will be the focus of the research I will be conducting at Graner.

Movements: In recent years, the notion of “operation” has been gaining weight in my understanding of artistic and philosophical practices. Operation is understood as a process or a repetitive intervention through which we engage with a medium, a triggering operation that always puts a small sovereign in imbalance and precipitates the deconstruction of a medium, a language. Movements is an investigation that straddles dance practice, performance, and thought. It takes the writings of the poet Gertrude Stein as its subject of study to analyze the operations at play and extrapolate this operation to choreography, performance, movement, to what moves between movements.

  • 2023 · open call (research modality) · Moviments
  • 2021 · collaboration with Festival Sâlmon ·  All things (un fragmento)
  • 2016 · collaboration with Festival Sâlmon< · El Capitalista


Fotos de Merche Llopis Segarra (retrato) y de Miguel Lorenzo (performance,  en el IVAM, en el contexto Motores de creación, proyecto impulsado por APDCV y APdC).