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I’m a dancer and choreographer. I have worked with several national and International companyies and I amb a certified Yoga Iyengar teacher and student of Anthropology and Human Evolution degree at the UOC university (Bcn). I have worked as artistic assistant of Gisele’s Vienne as well as a performer in some of her creations. Since 2012 I have been interested in choreography and I investigate the relationship between body-image-digitality-power. My solo Likes was selected by the European platform Aerowaves 2018 and it won a special mention in the City of Barcelona Awards 2018″, the “Critics Award 2018” and the “Dansacat Award 2020”. My latest works are Spiritual Boyfriends, premiered at the Grec Festival in Barcelona 2020 and Futuralgia, a group piece commissioned by Unusual Symptoms at the Dance Theater Bremen.

Núria Guiu’s residency is part of the Institut Ramon Llull’s international residency / mentoring program.

Projects in residence at Graner

  • Spiritual Boyfriends. A piece that explores power relationships and power structures and its based on an iconographic research about the historical construction of yoga poses as well as autobiographical material on affective relationships (premiere at Grec Festival)
  • Creation in Germany, with the Unusual Symptoms company, resident at the Theater Bremen. Both pieces are inspired by a way of working already started with my solo Likes, in relation to the internet as a means of cultural confluence, hybridization of practices, of different ways of socializing and relating, of reading and building ourselves.
  • Educational project in collaboration with Pau Millas
  • Tik Tok Exorcism (working title). New creation, which will premiere at the Mercat de les Flors at May 2022

Spiritual Boyfriends

Sociology, anthropology and movement combine in a production dedicated to the relationship between the body and power, based on the postures of yoga, a powerful industry that also symbolises the spirituality of our times. It’s about how a practice so closely linked to our inner, spiritual world has become a big industry and in what way today new digital technologies enable the continued dissemination of this hybrid of Indian culture and physical disciplines that originated in the West. Because these days, it plays an important role in constructing our bodies, and, especially, in constructing the image we project onto them. Likewise, it influences our private imaginary in relation to spirituality or the amorous relationships we maintain.

Directed, choreographed and performed by: Núria Guiu Sagarra
Artistic support: Esther Freixa, Sònia Gómez
Dramaturgical advice: Lluc Ubach
Scenography design and costume advice: Lola Belles
Photography and video: Alice Brazzit
Lighting design: Joana Serra
Technician: Sergio Roca
Production and manager: Fani Benages
Acknowledgements: Claudia Mirambell, Alicia Kopf, Telemann Rec., Carles Decors, Claudia Brufau, Søren Evinson

A 2020 Barcelona Grec Festival, La Briqueterie (Paris) and Núria Guiu Sagarra co-production.

This show has done residencies at Sala Hiroshima (Barcelona), La Caldera Les Corts (Barcelona), Graner – Dance and live arts creation centre, Cra’p (Mollet del Vallès) La Briqueterie (Paris).

Photos ©Alicia Kopf ©Alice Brazzit

Tik Tok Exorcism practice

Tik Tok Exorcism is a proposal by Núria Guiu, linked to the scenic project that is beginning and that will see the light in May 2022. The open practice is a guided meditation through which the body will be possessed by images from the Internet; images that do not seek to be represented or illustrated but to be experienced, incorporated into a physical / collective / ritual space, through affection, sensitivity, play and the pleasure of moving together. It is about thinking about visual culture not against images.

Rituals have always allowed a performativity of identity, generating affection, social cohesion and empowerment. In this project, a concrete study is made of the Tik Tok app as a form of ritual, of virtualized impulse release, where, on the one hand, resistance and re-inventions of the most normative canons and aesthetics are generated at the same time that they are reaffirmed and they homogenize stereotyped images that interact with our way of thinking and imagining ourselves. This practice is an invitation to reflection from the body and from the images to establish new views on them.

New project

A sequel or development of the previous solos Portal, Likes and Spiritual Boyfriends (2014-2020). The relation between the body and the digital has been a key aspect of those latter works, along with some related concepts: The relation body – image – power. Materiality and spirituality (or evanescence). New rituals, practices and/ or virtual communities. Tik Tok Exorcism (work title) deals with a very concrete online phenomenon in order to explore how the evanescence of the cloud gets hold on our bodies and shapes our thoughts and our corporeality.Tik Tok Exorcism (work title)  aims to transpose Tik Tok’s mechanisms and choreographic tools from the digital to the physical medium, and in doing so, to question:

How is the Internet embodied in us?

 The performance will shift the virtual and individual space of the screen towards the physical and shared space of the theatre stage. The dancers and/ or performers will set an infinite scroll of actions and movements in motion. Tik Tok Exorcism (work title) resists against the rapid shift of the art scene towards digital formats (which has been fostered by the coronavirus pandemic). The algorithmic app’s mechanisms will be transformed into a human eye, into sensible bodies that are part of the transposition of a virtual ritual to a physical, ecstatic and collective experience.

Premiere: May 2022 at Mercat de les Flors

Dialogues with Graner

  • Shows of «Likes» within the framework of the Toolbox (February 2021) for the students of 2nd year of living arts, 4th year of cinema in progress and 4th of precussion and interculturality of the Montjuïc Institute
  • Collaboration in Dianelis Diéguez’s project «Casa Oráculo».
  • Opening the studio
  • Shared practice with the young people of the Chemical Space, resident artists of the Graner and other communities related to the space.
  • Participation in the monitoring commission 02 2021