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Pak Ndjamena

Collaborations, 2021

Pak Ndjamena is a multifaceted artist that encompasses multiple crafts including being a dancer, choreographer, cultural promoter, musician and actor. Pak Ndjamena does not see art in a linear but collaborative way having during his career collaborated with artists of various artistic genres and coming from multiple geographies. Even so, Pak Ndjamena does not consider himself fluent in any language nor belonging to a geographical territory dissociated from art. Despite being proud of his African roots he considers himself world citizen and views art as a common language that enables one to communicate with counterparts from any place in the world. As a result of this vision Pak has travelled to more than 10 countries to exhibit his art in its various forms.
With contemporary dance as the most prevalent art in his artistic career, Pak choreographed and performed more than 20 pieces and was the winner of the Mozal Arts & Culture Award 2019 in the dance category.

  • 2021 · collaboration with Africa Moment · Deus nos acudi