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Raquel Klein

Collaborations, Open call, 2021, 2020

I was Born in Ibiza and shortly after I moved to Mallorca where I grew up. I consider myself an islander and I think it identifies me. I studied dance at the conservatory of Palma de Mallorca. My interest on architecture and design led me to study Interior Architecture, finishing my studies in Barcelona. At the same time I studied Choreography and Performance at Institut del Teatre. Soon I knew that I was interested in creation: creating spaces and to choreograph places. My current research focuses on temporal perceptions and physical states, working on physical, luminous and sound matter and their inception to create the choreographic language.

  • 2021 · open call · Reflex one
  • 2020 · collaboration FF90


Reflex one arises from the need to deepen on the format and compositional forms extended in time. To work the scene from the own pictorial composition, creating spaces from corporal states that include the spectator as part of this landscape of permeable sensitivity. Opening the questioning of the physical and pictorial relationship of the viewers and how it affects their integration and influence on the relief.

Instagram: @raquelkleinn

Foto ©Mila Ercoli

Raquel Klein’s residency is part of the Institut Ramon Llull’s international residency / mentoring program.