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Raül Garcia

Collaborations, 2021

Raül is co-founder of the cía. Les dessous de Barbara together with Sylvain Pascal and Baptiste Lhomme. Created in 2009, among his works we highlight: “Don’t put that in your mouth” (2012) or “CRAZY SAFARI CIRCUS” (2017). He has explored in the audiovisual field with SLKH productions and is co-creator of projects such as “La Virgule” (accommodation center for itinerant artists in Toulouse) or “Festina Lente” (international itinerant festival with sailing boats). He is currently part of the BALALAIKA CHANTAGE, CRAZY SAFARI CIRCUS and SAVE THE TEMAZO.ORG team.

  • 2021 · collaboration with Ateneu Popular 9 Barris