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Richard Mascherin

Open call, 2022

I grew up in Tijoco Bajo, a remote village in the south of Tenerife. I’m a dancer and creator focusing on the contemporary performing and audiovisual arts, and a specialist in the cinema. I have worked on the stage with directors such as Sharon Fridman and Marcos Morau. In a way, “the fall” has been present both in my career as a performer and in the way I abide and translate my environment. I’m interested in the common ground between tragedy and humour, from the standpoint that everything keeps on turning and falling/failing. The inevitability of the fall is the concept that runs through my artistic research: somewhere between dance and performance art, pleasure and pain, realism and theatre.

  • 2022 · open call · CAER, CAER, CAER

This project saw first the light of day in 2020, in a search to share my emotional and physical crashes during lockdown. Frustration and the impossibility of progress caused me to crash. CAER, CAER, CAER is a work driven by a performative act which then falls to contemporary dance. The piece looks to take actions that lead the body to lose control: the relationship between the emotional and the physical crash. It offers a journey towards chaos and failure, showing a body that leads itself towards its own decadence through the relationship with objects, the sound field and visuals. Now, in 2022, I’m working on a longer version with a team on stage.

Pic by Joaquín Ponce de León