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Rosy Timas

Collaborations, 2021

Dancer, choreographer and teacher, she has been trained at the Escola Superior de Dança de Lisboa, and with choreographers such as Tony Tavares, Christian Duarte, Vera Mantero, Margarida Mestre, William Forsythe, David Zambrano, Tamango, Clara Andermatt, Kysha Fykes, Aïda Colmenero Dïaz, among others. It is formed in voice with Orlando Pantera. Performer of the piece ‘Duas sem tres’ with Raiz di Polón, a leading contemporary dance company in Cabo Verde, with which she performered in more than 40 countries in Africa, Europe, America and Asia. She created solos such as ‘Lolita’ (2015), ‘Novembro’ (2016), ‘Ar Ti Sta’ (2020), and ‘Cadeau’ (2020).

  • 2021 · collaboration with Africa Moment