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Søren Evinson

Collaborations, Open call, 2023, 2021, 2020, 2018

Søren Evinson studies at Institut del Teatre of Barcelona and completes his MA studies in performance at Central School of Speech and Drama (University of London). He lives in London for 6 years. There he develops his practice collaborating with many artists and showing in various non-conventional spaces. A Nation Is Born In Me is his first solo performance. Through body, text, and space Soren Evinson generates situations that speculate on different power structures with an interest in making any discourse untraceable. His work blends choreographic materials with spoken and sung vocals to create direct and delusional performances with a provocative relation to the audience. He conjugates sound, text, movement and space so they interact forming live organisms. His work has been presented internationally in dance, performance and theatre festivals, art galleries, abandoned buildings and public squares.

  • 2018 ·collaboration with G.R.U.A. and TNT Festival · A Nation Is Born in Me
  • 2020 · open call · Sex Angel (Just Desire)
  • 2021 · collaboration with Sâlmon Festival · Just Desire


I continue to research my body as a show. In this case, I am interested in developing material under study for a solo who responds through the body, voice and text, to aspects around how sex is related – or not – to the sexualized iconography that our time produces. As Lacanian psychoanalysts have been holding since the 80s – Copjec, and later Zupancic and Verdasco – sex occurs in the fractures or failures of meaning, right there where the intelligible fails. For this reason, sex does not offer representation. There is no image that can portray sex. This notion clashes frontally with the era of image and presence. It is in this same problematization between the hyper-represented and the impossibility of representing, where I would like to place the practical investigation of ‘Sex Angel’ in the face of its formalization