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Wura Moraes

Collaborations, 2023

Oirana Moraes dos Santos (Wura Moraes) is a Portuguese-Brazilian dancer, born in Amarante (Portugal), lives and develops her choreographic and research work in the triangulation between Africa, Latin America, and Europe, combining the multiple formations that make up their artistic identity. Graduated from Faculdade Angel Vianna (2009-2013) in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil), where she acquired a solid foundation in somatic and improvisation practices. The interest in expanding her references to contemporary dance took her to Africa and to an international internship at the École des Sables by Germaine Acogny (Senegal – 2013), and later to a one-year stay in Burkina Faso for professional training at the École de Danse Internacional Irène Tassembedo (2014), in dialogue with the CDC – La Termitiére – Center for Choreographic Development, in Ouagadougou. Attended Advanced Training in Interpretation and Choreographic Creation by Companhia Instável in Porto, Portugal, 2015.

In this context, he choreographed, in co-creation with Joana Lopes, the site-specific “Alienada” and the stage piece “Agente”, which was presented at Teatro Campo Alegre, Porto, in 2015, and re-enacted at Armazém 22, in 2017. She performed at Cribles 7Live Porto for Emmanuelle Huynh in 2015 and 2019 for the Serralves em Festa festival. In Europe (Portugal, France, Hungary), she participated in international workshops with dancers from several relevant contemporary dance companies (Ultima Vez, Akram Khan, Sasha Waltz & Guests). A member since 2015 of the Coletivo Saci Chorão (based in Rio de Janeiro and Paris) where the performance, invoking imaginations and unusual memories, arises from the sensitive and permeable relationship between music, dance, theatre, and visual arts, in the play “A Gravidade de um Corpo Black”. In Bahia, alongside Loke Wolf, he founded Kasa Rockers (2016), a contemporary and urban dance company, which unfolds between working with audiovisual arts and the creation of the Autodidança network and the 5 Pontos do Freestyle system, exploring a field of studies, training, research, and creation.

In 2019, she coordinated, together with Malgosia Sus, the Temple of Dance at Festival dos Canals (Aveiro) and participated in the international artistic residency at AGITLab + AgitÁgueda in a project promoted by Alex Cotê and Mathieu Perras. Currently, in Portugal, she co-directed, with Darya Efrat, the site-specific performance-path “Ilhas Suspensas” for the Festival dos Canals 2020, in Aveiro and was the local coordinator of the artistic residency promoted by the Gabriela Tudor Foundation (Bucharest), directed by Cosmin Manolescu, and hosted by AGITLab (Águeda) in 2020 and 2021. Oirana became the coordinator of artistic residencies for the AgitLAB project (Águeda), curated by Paulina Almeida, with whom she co-produced the video-dance biennial LAMB – LAND ART MOVING BIENNIAL In 2021, he integrates the show NKISI, by Colectivo LOA, directed by Gil Mac and presented within the scope of PACT at the José de Guimarães International Arts Center – CIAJG (Guimarães), at the Suspension Gardens Festival (Viseu) and at the event O Museu como Performance in Serralves (Porto). His most recent works are “Time Capsule / O Sonho do Guerreiro – a tribute to Mário Calixto”, developed in residence at the Jelsa Art Biennial-JAB (Croatia), and the dance solo CERN, presented in 2020 and 2021 in Águeda (Portugal and in Marrakech).

International Cross-Residency Program in Co-organization with the Ramon Llull Institute