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Xavier Manubens

Open call, 2021

I am an artist, a choreographer and a performer. I work on the fields of site-specific art, installation and dance, and concentrate on the transitional processes between two different things and their impact upon our perception of reality. I place myself in a trans-making, by interlacing and shifting questions in order to produce new relational spaces where that which is uncertain becomes a choreography. I am interested as well in devising methodologies and formats that challenge the usual logics and temporalities of production. Uncertainty is my driving force, and therefore decision making for me cannot be cut off from emotion, intuition and mystery.

  • 2021 · open call · Symphony of the Seas


Symphony of the Seas_ (2021). Symphony is a woman. She loves to wear wigs and fake nails. Symphony likes to engage in trans relationships with the plasticity of presence and the construction of her own image. An artistic project that aims to criss-cross the drag practice with the new methodologies of performing arts from an approach informed by choreography and installation.

Fotos ©Tristán Pérrez Martín ©Augusto Fernandes


Xavier Manubens’ residency is part of the Institut Ramon Llull’s international residency / mentoring program.