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Sâlmon 22 residencies at Graner

The tenth edition of the Sâlmon Festival is approaching and, as co-organizers of the festival, together with Antic Teatre, La Caldera and La Poderosa, we are deeply involved in the festival. From this week until the end of the festival we will host Pauline L.Boulba, Alberto Cortés, Marta Ziólek, Pol Pi: cie NO DRAMA, Caterina Mora, Néstor García and Júlia Rúbies, in residence, who will finish working on their proposals in our space.

We will also host the Stalkers group through the festival, a dispositive project for young performing arts curators who promote Sâlmon, Sismògraf, FiraTàrrega and TNT festivals.

From the 9th to the 20th of February at Santa Mònica, CCCB, La Caldera and Mercat de les Flors.