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Emblem of Guarantee of Environmental Quality

In 2017, the Department of Territory and Sustainability awarded the Emblem of Guarantee of Environmental Quality to Graner,  a catalan eco-labeling system that provides consumers and users with better, more reliable information and promotes the design, production, marketing, use and consumption of products and services that fulfil certain environmental quality requirements beyond those established as compulsory under current regulations.

Friend of the Bike building

Since January, the Graner has worn the distinctive “Friend of the Bike building”, promoted by the + Sustainable City Council Program with the aim of promoting the use of bicycles among workers. This distinctive is included in the framework of the project “At work Bicia’t” that promotes sustainable and healthy mobility habits at work among staff and visitors and is part of the development of the Government Measure of the strategy of the bicycle to give more prominence to the bicycle in the city.