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"Northing", workshop by Maciej Sado at Graner · Wednseday September 28th - 18h

Maciej Sado, choreographer and artist based in Berlin, is at the Graner carrying out mentoring sessions with resident artist Guillem Jiménez as part of the 2022 mentoring and international residencies program of the Ramon Llull Institute.

This wednesday he proposes a free workshop at Graner to share his movement practice, under the name of Northing.

Northing is a movement research workshop based on a practice developed in collaboration with Andrea Zavala Folache.
The practice involves work with body-produced, hand-make-like virtualities, glitches, imaginaries and objects embodying the notions like nothingness, obliqueness, deviation, and more. No previous experience in dance is necessary.


Maciej Sado – choreographer, performer, and dancer. Graduated from choreography in SNDO (School for New Dance Development) in Amsterdam in 2016 and from medicine at the Medical University in Wrocław in 2012. In his work, he investigates the concept of obliqueness to challenge the contract between viewer-performer and question the usual perspective to enter in between spaces, the uncanny with- in normativities. He bodily devises technologies for manually augmented realites.  He involves himself in the creative processes of other artists in a (as he calls it) dynamic dramaturgy, this forms a crucial part of his extended choreographic practice. He performs and performed for artists like Ola Maciejewska, Florentina Holzinger & Vincent Riebeek, Tino Sehgal, Peaches, Keith Hennessy, Fernando Belfiore, Laima Jaunzema, Reza Mirabi. His latest works were presented during the festivals in Spain, Belgium, Poland, Austria, Germany, and The Netherlands. In 2016 he was a recipient of the DanceWeb scholarship during the ImpulzTanz Festival in Vienna. He is a member of the KuLe collective Berlin.

Photo by Nellie de Boer